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Dan Moody offers some of the best in Texas hunting. With 33 years of experience; Dan has become one of the premier Texas hunting guides. Please take a few minutes to look through our website and learn how you can get into some of the best hunting Texas has to offer  for African Game, North American Game, Trophy Wild Boar Hunting, Deer, Varmint, Texas Turkey and many more.


Dan Moody also specializes in down home family style and corporate hunting services. Call Dan at 888-561-8031 or email .


Dan Moody's Exotic Hunting Services

Dan Moody welcomes you to his Exotic Hunting Service. Dan has been in the exotic trophy hunting business since 1976.

He has what it takes to help you achieve the hunt of your dreams and take home memories. Dan Moody's Exotic Hunting Service offers some of the finest Trophy Exotic Game hunting in Texas for those who enjoy a fair chase hunt.


Management hunts - This is a three day hunt that allows the hunter to harvest 1 whitetail buck up to 140 inches, 2 whitetail does and one hog. The buck will be a 8 or a 10 point buck. Your guide will field dress and quarter your kills. The cost is $3350.00. This includes room and board.


Trophy Free Range hunts - If you're the hunter that wants a bigger deer - Check this out --- A three day hunt for $4000.00. You get a whitetail buck of any size, 1 doe, 1 turkey and 1 hog. This hunt is in Sutton county Texas. It is loaded with game. Expect to kill bucks from 120-160 class range. This includes room and board.


Monster Whitetail Hunts

We take a limited number of whitetail hunters on this monster hunt. Cost $400.00 per day guide fee and room and board. Kill fee - $9500.00 from 171 to 199 and over 200, kill fee is $12,500. 3-4 days of hunting is suggested. For the hunter that wants that once in a life time whitetail, give me a call at (1)888-561-8031 or all the details.



Texas Grizzly Wild Boar Hunting

Dan Moody's Texas Grizzly is a wild boar hunting guide service located in south Texas that uses specially trained dogs to locate and hold wild boars. Once the boar is "bayed" and "caught" the hunter moves into make the kill. This type of hunting has been around for decades and is very popular in the South as well as many other countries. Our hunts are safe and the kill is quick. Take a moment to browse through our website, watch a video or two and learn how to experience the hunt of a lifetime.


"Hog Hunting Special" - Extended because of popularity-  $625.00 per person, you get a 2 day meat hog hunt, guides and room and board. 2 hog limit person. Need at least 2 but no more then 4 hunters. You can use Dan's dogs or your own dogs. Bow or gun hunters can hunt in blinds or stalk.


Dogs on Hogs Action DVD's

The DVDs are about an hour long each, and show some of the most extreme footage of super wild trophy boars being run down and caught by dogs. This video is presented by professional hunting guide Dan Moody.


They have been filmed in deep South Texas, where the Boars are extremely wild. The hunts are on over 20,000 acres, spanning over 3 ranches. You can feel the thrill of the hunt while watching Dan Moody and company chase down, catch and knife to death 7 different trophy boars and sows. Collect all 3 volumes.



Dan Moody - Professional Exotic Hunting Guide

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